Strudel & Friends o nás


The cosmetics industry favouring “Clean Beauty” products for wary customers (named Hoomans) is having a boom in recent years - but so far no one has really thought of our fluffy four-legged companions.   One day we (at what’s now called STRUDEL & FRIENDS) brainstormed and ultimately the idea to create a shampoo for dogs was born: combining natural ingredients and functionality but also aesthetics coming in one nice practical package.   The inspiration for the brand name and now also the face of the product is a cocker spaniel walking around happily in his shiny fur coat and listens (sometimes) to the name of Strudel.   But as the name suggests, STRUDEL & FRIENDS was not only created for him but for all his doggy friends and actually all types of fur.

We realize that not all dogs are lucky to be born into loving families. That is why we decided to support the project in Bukovinka in the Blansko region, which houses the dog hospice "DEJTE NÁM ŠANCI", which is run by Eliška Vafková.

Dog hospice is in its form a unique project in our country. It provides a temporary or permanent home for dogs that are elderly, abused, sick or handicapped, abandoned and expelled from breeding facilities. It is a place where dogs can live their days with dignity and with all care.

Strudel & Friends kokršpaněl Štrúdlík

What sets it apart from classic shelters is that the dogs do not live here in pens, but together with the family in the house with constant care, comfort and love. However, caring for them cannot be done without financial help and support. Therefore, we dedicate 5% of the proceeds of each shampoo you purchase to its operation.

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