Refund policy


5.1. The buyer, who concluded the contract outside of his business activity as a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract.
5.2. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason in the manner described
below, within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the goods by the buyer or a person designated by him, otherwise the right expires.
5.3. To withdraw from the purchase contract, he can use the sample form for withdrawal from the contract provided by the seller.
5.4. In order to comply with the withdrawal period, he must send a withdrawal statement within the withdrawal period, no later than the 14th day after receiving the goods. Send the withdrawal from the contract to the buyer at the e-mail or delivery address of the seller specified in these terms and conditions. The seller will confirm receipt of the form to the buyer without delay.
5.5. The goods must be sent back to the seller's address specified in these business conditions without undue delay, no later than 14 days from the day when the contract was withdrawn. The deadline is considered to have been met if the buyer sends the goods back before compensation 14 days after receiving them. The cost of returning goods is not associated with the purchase.
5.6. the buyer is only responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods as a result of handling these
goods in a way other than that which is necessary to become familiar with the nature and properties of the goods enabling withdrawal from the contract according to this article.
5.7. The seller's obligation is to return the purchase price paid by the buyer to the buyer for these goods, within 14 days from the day of withdrawal from the contract,
including postage for delivery of the goods to the buyer (if the buyer chose other than the
>cheapest the method of delivery of the goods offered by the seller shall reimburse the seller to the buyer
the cost of delivery of the goods in the amount corresponding to the cheapest method of delivery of the goods offered.).
5.8. For refunds, the seller will use the same payment method used by the buyer to complete the initial transaction. The seller will return the received monetary costs to the buyer in another way only if he agrees to this and if no additional costs arise for him.
5.9. The goods must be returned to the seller undamaged, unworn, unpolluted and in the original packaging. The seller is entitled to unilaterally offset the claim for compensation for damage caused to the goods against the buyer's claim for a refund of the purchase price.
5.10. The buyer cannot withdraw from the contract if the goods were delivered in a closed package, which he removed from the package and cannot be returned for hygienic reasons. The goods
must be returned in their original condition, original packaging, must not have broken packaging,
labels must still be attached to the goods, goods must not be used or damaged in any way.
The right to return goods in opened or damaged packaging, if the goods (package contents)
are delivered
defective, subject to compliance with the conditions of the Civil Code, of course remains with the buyer.
5. 11. The seller is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract due to the release of stocks, the unavailability of goods, or when the manufacturer, importer or supplier of the goods has stopped the production or importation of the goods. The seller immediately informs the buyer via the e-mail addresses listed on the basis and returns within 14 days of the notice of withdrawal from the purchase contract all funds, including delivery costs, 6.3. For goods with a warranty period marked on the packaging, the seller undertakes that the goods will be suitable for use for the usual purpose or that they will retain their usual properties during the warranty period.
6.4. In the event that the goods do not have the characteristics mentioned above upon receipt, within twenty-four months from receipt or during the warranty period indicated on the packaging, the buyer has the right to:
- exchange for new goods after making a complaint. ,
- reasonable discount from the purchase price,
- withdrawal from the purchase contract.
6.5. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract:
- if the goods have a substantial defect,
- if he cannot use the item properly due to the repeated occurrence of the defect,
- in case of a large number of defects in the goods.
6.6. However, the seller points out that the determination of what amount of discount is reasonable is a matter of individual assessment of the matter, it can be lengthy and, according to legal regulations, does not depend on the consumer's discretion.
6.7. The buyer can complain about defective goods by sending a notice of complaint including
claimed goods to the address of the seller's registered office mentioned above. A written notification of a complaint about defective goods must always contain the identification data of the buyer and his contact data (residential address, e-mail address and telephone number), the reason for the complaint (description of specific defects), information to identify the order ( e.g. order number) and
specific goods. The buyer must also state the chosen right from the delivery of defective goods together with the notification of the defect, or state it without undue delay afterwards.
6.8.. After the seller receives the notification of the complaint and the claimed goods, he confirms the application of the complaint to the buyer by an electronic message, which he sends to the e-mail address of the buyer specified in the notification of the complaint.
6.9. The seller or an employee authorized by him will decide on the resolution of the complaint without undue delay after receiving the notification of the complaint and the claimed goods, at the latest within 3 working days of receiving the goods. However, this time does not include the time appropriate for the type of product or service required for a professional assessment of the claimed defect.
6.10. The complaint, including the removal of the defect, must be handled without undue delay,
at the latest within 30 days from the date of application of the complaint, unless the seller and the buyer agree on a longer period. Within this period, the seller is obliged to inform the buyer about the result of the complaint procedure.
6.11. If the complaint is recognized by the seller, the buyer will be reimbursed by the seller for the costs incurred in exercising the rights from liability for defects. However, if the buyer does not exercise the right to compensation within one month after the expiry of the period in which the defect had to be pointed out, the right to compensation for purposefully incurred costs may not be recognized later.
6.12. If the complaint is not accepted by the seller, the goods will be sent back to the buyer with a written justification for rejecting the complaint.
6.13. The rights and obligations of the contracting parties regarding rights from defective performance are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection.that he received from him on the basis of the contract, and in the same way, or
in the way specified by the buyer.
6.1. The seller is responsible to the buyer that the goods upon acceptance have no defects, in particular that the acceptance - has the characteristics that the parties have agreed upon, and if there is no agreement, it has such characteristics that the seller or the manufacturer has described or that I assume on the basis of the nature of the goods and advertising by them carried out,
- the goods are suitable for the purpose for which the seller states for their use or for which
goods of this type are usually used,
- goods of quality or execution according to the agreed pattern or model, was
quality or execution determined according to the agreed sample or template
- the goods are in the appropriate quantity, measure or weight,
- the goods comply with the usual legal regulations.
6.2. The buyer is entitled to exercise the right of defect, which is guaranteed for the goods, according to the procedure described below, within twenty-four months of receipt.