Strudel & Friends tým


The cosmetics industry favouring “Clean Beauty” products for wary customers (named Hoomans) is having a boom in recent years - but so far no one has really thought of our fluffy four-legged companions.   One day we (at what’s now called STRUDEL & FRIENDS) brainstormed and ultimately the idea to create a shampoo for dogs was born: combining natural ingredients and functionality but also aesthetics coming in one nice practical package.  


    Greyhound BASTIAN is a hard rock fan of STRUDEL & FRIENDS. He values the soothing effect on his skin the most hence declaring it „his“ shampoo.

  • TABI

    TABI is an expert in somersaults and he appreciates the feeling of softness and pleasantly flagranted fur the most. He loves the shampoo as it’s easing his life.

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