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Shampoo for dogs

Shampoo for dogs

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Do you find the regular-sized bottle of your favorite shampoo too small? Buy the larger STRUDEL & FRIENDS shampoo bottle, so you never run out and always have enough.

STRUDEL & FRIENDS shampoo is a completely natural shampoo for dogs containing first-class ingredients such as silk extract, rice protein, nimby oil, fucogel and panthenol, which gently clean and nourish the coat.

Specially developed for the pH of dog skin. Suitable for dogs with sensitive skin who need extra gentle and nourishing care. It guarantees a soothing and balanced cleaning without skin irritation, and at the same time supports the skin's natural microbiome, creating an optimal environment for healthy dog coat growth.

Delicate aromatherapeutic scent carefully mixed of mint and lemon grass.

We donate 5% from our sales to the dog shelter Dejte nám šanci.

Approval number of the veterinary medicinal product: 084-23/C. Not tested on animals.



· SILK PROTEIN - forms a softening protective barrier and makes combing easier

· AMINO ACIDS - bring the coat a feeling of softness, elasticity, brightness, and vitality

· RICE PROTEIN - strengthens and revitalizes the coat

· NIMBY OIL - reduces the occurrence of parasites in dogs´ hair

· PANTHENOL - soothes the skin and maintains a healthy dogs' hair

· FUCOGEL - long-lasting moisturizing effects


Brush the dogs' coat before washing it. Moisten it thoroughly. Gently massage from the back of the ears to the tail. Avoid eye contact. Rinse thoroughly and dry gently with a towel.

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